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Apply for an Access Permit to Tiwai Peninsula

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How to get a permit

The 2,000 hectares of land surrounding NZAS is part of New Zealand’s Conservation Estate managed by the Department of Conservation. The Awarua and Waituna Wetlands on the northern and far eastern ends of Tiwai Peninsula are listed as wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention and have species of rare and even endangered plants, animals and birds.

NZAS leases Tiwai Peninsula from the Department of Conservation and is committed to working in partnership with Iwi, government agencies and members of the wider local community to manage and protect flora, fauna and cultural heritage sites within the land. Public access to the peninsula is restricted, with fences and gates in place to control access.

Recreational users can only gain access if they hold a valid 'Access Permit to Tiwai Peninsula', which is issued by NZAS and valid for 12 months. To apply for an access permit, please follow the instructions below.

Once approved, the recreational user must present their permit to NZAS Security for each visit. A key for the access gates will then be issued for the day of the activity. All visitors are required to sign in at Security, with the access permit left with NZAS Security for the duration of the visit. The access permit will be returned to the permit holder when the gate access key is returned.

We are committed to working with you to look after the Tiwai Peninsula for future generations.

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